Today: My very first time on a podium (3rd place) made me cry of happiness!!

Two few weeks ago I started to change the way I run by doing forefoot strike running during my training sessions. And today, I've seen results that I never expected to have so soon.

I took part in a half marathon today. There were many runners and I was there, planning to apply what I've learnt. When the race began, I started running in my own pace...neither fast nor slowly. In the kilometre nº3 I realised I was the last one...probably because as I was using my "old fashion way of running (heel strike). When I saw that I was the last one, I kept in mind to keep running using forefoot strike this time. Incredibly, I started to speed up little by little...and I reduced my "regular" timing in a half marathon from 2hr.32min to 2hr.17min. Anyways, I was very happy because I reduced my timing in a half marathon. But I never thought I was going to win.

So, when my name was called for the 3er place in the category "women - all competitor, 20 to 39 years old" I couldn't believe it!!! I asked. "Is it meeeee??" and then...I jumped onto the podium...and I cried of happiness. 

I said "it is the first time I am given a prize... I cannot believe it...thank you!!"...


I wanted to share my happiness with you all. Every change brings good things.

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