The Cool Impossible Run Camp - July 18, 19, and 20 2019

The Cool Impossible Run Camp: Jackson Hole

This camp is for runners who are 

on a quest to take their running to new possibilities.  Elevating your running to the next level requires more than just adding miles and kilometers.  

At Camp, you will receive the kind of instruction and guidance that will immediately make you a better, stronger, more skillful, and efficient runner that will provide a new path of possibilities for you, whether you are looking to bump up your race distance or transform your long term running potential.

Maybe you want to up your "game" and do your first marathon or find out what trail and mountain running is all about. Most importantly, you are looking to develop a long term run foundation that will catapult the type of running you have always dreamed of doing.

Immerse yourself in 3 days of running with Eric, in one of the most beautiful areas of the World.  Often called the Switzerland of the US, Jackson Hole is home to Coach Eric Orton, his training grounds, and his Mountain Running Academy. 

The Experience:


During each morning session, Eric will infuse a combination of foundational skills, drills, and coaching that will be applied to an afternoon group run.  

This morning session will be the most structured training run of the day and will be performed as a group, but orchestrated so everyone is running and achieving at their own level of ability.  

This is the time for you to challenge yourself without any pressure of keeping up or being held back by a group.  


Eric’s gift as a coach is empowering the individual, and at the same time being able to challenge each individual in their own way based on their personal level of ability, goals, and improvement needs.

Every run will have a training component and a purposeful, group dynamic, using the incredible mountain terrain as the classroom of self-knowledge, run transformation, and mental strength.  

This coaching format also provides you the opportunity to engage in questions, discussions, and team camaraderie,  which inevitably becomes the heart and soul of the camp and how the collective group empowers everyone.


The mountain’s were made to be explored and each day we will embark on a group run.  This is where the magic of the mountains takes place, where the mind drifts to all things possible.  The emphasis here is to exploring one of the most beautiful places on the planet and put your learning and run goals into action.


The purpose of exploring is ultimately discovering something from within that lives with your forever.  Yes, this means the unbelievable alpine peaks imbedded inside your minds eye and legs, but also the “feeling” that is created in your body that lights the fire to tackle your fears and do something you always dreamed of doing - to become an explorer of your running, of your goals, of what is possible. This is the natural gift from the mountain and the ultimate reward from this camp.

What you need to know:

  • Each day will include a 2 hour morning and afternoon run/coaching session.  Yes, you will be tired, but not too tired or busy to have time to explore the great things Jackson Hole has to offer. (See Camp Itinerary)
  • To allow campers some free time to explore JH and dietary flexibility, all meals are not included as part of the camp schedule or fees.  
  • Please note that this is NOT a barefoot camp.  Rocks hurt, so this is not a time to experiment or think you are expected to come and prove yourself with the least minimal shoe you have.
  • For the best camp experience, it is recommended that you be able to run comfortably and easily for up to 90 minutes.  Miles are irrelevant in the mountains, so focus on time.
  • Reserve your spot with your payment below. Once you have registered, Eric will send you a Runner Profile form to help him get a better understand of your goals and run background, AND to help him better coach you within the group.
  • Jackson Hole is a Global summer time resort destination, therefore, book your lodging reservations and airfare early. 

Who is this camp for:

The The Cool Impossible Run Camp is designed for runners of all abilities who are looking to develop their run foundation, strength, and skills to elevate their potential for long term growth and performance.  Ideally, you have built up to being able to run comfortable for 90 minutes prior to camp.  

Tentative Camp Itinerary (subject to change based on group coaching needs)

2019 Camp Date:

FULL.  Look forward to seeing you in 2020

Camp fee:


2019 The Cool Impossible Run Camp

*Full refunds will be given up to 60 days prior to the start of camp.

For additional questions on the camp:

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