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Coaches are always faced with choices. You can take the familiar route and do what you have always done, following the crowd and yielding to conventional wisdom. It’s easy, and there’s no risk involved—unless you consider long-term stagnation a risk.

My approach to endurance run training is a bit different. I use conventional wisdom as a starting point and proceed from there to develop innovative training programs for runners who want to turn their potential into desired results.

But my approach to training is more than just change for the sake of change. Being innovative keeps me alert and involved with the latest research and applications of scientific training principles in combination with my 16 years of coaching and a lifetime of personal athletic competition.

For me, the goal is to develop complete athletes, ready to perform up to their potential and exceed their expectations. I am the author of The Cool Impossible and my approach to training has been featured in the New York Times best seller Born To Run, Runner's World, Competitor Magazine, Men's Running (UK), NY Times, BBC World News, Men’s Health, Esquire, Men’s Journal and Ski Magazine; specific workouts have been featured on ESPN’s Cold Pizza.

As the former Director of Fitness at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, I’m a certified Functional Training Specialist, a Certified Sports Hypnotist, and have held coaching certifications from both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling.

In short, I’ve got the training and experience to help you maximize your run performance. I work with runners of all abilities who have an intense desire to learn and compete against themselves to achieve their racing goals.  

My coaching approach is designed and works best for those runners who have a very specific, long term race goals.  All of the workouts are assigned by heart rate and pace, so you would need a heart rate monitor and GPS, so we can track miles, pace, and heart rate.  

Each training phase is administered in four week training blocks and is posted online where you would have a username/password to log in and view your workouts and have your own logging system for my review.  

During all of this, you and I will have ongoing email coaching interaction to help answer your questions and to guide your training.  I do not require a long term financial commitment, but do select those runners who are committed to the long term training process and passionate about their goals.

Many coaches offer a variety of tiered coaching services.  I do not believe in this method, as I feel you either coach or you don't, and there should be no limits on what is needed to get the job done.

Personal Coaching Fees:

$200 per four week training block

Please drop me an email at for more details on my Personal Coaching.

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