I've just purchased a getting started program and I have a few questions about what's actually in the workouts. I assume most folks probably know this stuff, but in the event that they don't...

1. Acronyms:
WU: warm-up
CD: cool down
MS: ?
RI: ?

2. Training zones. I know what my max heart rate is, but I don't know what the zones are. How do I determine this? (My Garmin Forerunner 305 should arrive by mail today, so I'm anxious to get going on this!)

3. How do the exercises covered in the training videos (posted to this site) fit into these programs? In other words, are there certain training days where I should be doing certain strength-building exercises? Or should these be done as often as possible (every day, twice a day, etc.)?

Apologies if this is basic info that any knucklehead should know. I just want to make sure I get the most out of the training.


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Wilson, I can help out a bit. I completed Eric's Beginner program last month. MS stands for "main set" if I remember correctly. It's the point of the workout for that day, such as strength training by barefoot running or endurance training by intervals. RI is "rest interval", very important to not skip these. Also, if in doubt as to how long a RI should be, go longer rather than shorter.

As for training zones, there should be an exercise on the first day of your training plan that includes instructions for using your heart-rate monitor to find your maximum and setting your particular training zones. The instructions for the exercise will tell you how to find those zones using the Training Peaks website.

I think you'll be pleased with the program. I was a complete non-runner when I started, but I'm happily running two or more miles at a time now without injury and loving every step.

Hey Chris - sounds like you are not viewing the entire plan for each day, as most of your Acronyms questions are posted on the first day of the program. so, you may need to "expand" the daily workout box. To do so, you will see two >> on the right hand corner of each daily workout box. Click on the >> to expand so you are able to view the entire workouts schedule for the day. This will also allow you to see your HR testing protocol, which, based on your questions I do not think you can see.
The testing protocol will walk you thru how to conduct the run test and how to design your zones. So check this out and see if expanding the box helps answer your questions.
I am headed to a race for Friday and Saturday, so hopefully you will be set once you check this. If not, I will get back with you as soon as I can.


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