I just finished a marathon and I have a few months before I start training for a fall marathon in June or so.  Any thoughts/suggestions for how to put together a maintenance plan when not training for a race?  

I’m thinking I want to focus less on pace/speed/strength and more on improving form and overall fitness level without getting worn down.  Does it work to simply pick a weekly mileage total and do all the runs at an easy effort level, or is variety still important even if you’re not training for a race?  The plan I’ve put together so far has one long run and one hill run (both at an easy effort level) each week, gradually increasing the long run, with a cut-back in mileage every third week for recovery.  Am I missing something by not doing any tempo runs/speed work?

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Hey Carl,

I used the strength endurance for the intermediate/advanced runner (12 week) in the interim between seasons and I tailored it to my needs. Its gives you the guidance and outline to follow but I added in more rest days. It focuses a lot on form, like all of Eric's other plans. The best thing is that you buy it once but can use it again and again. It even got me a half marathon PR. 

Don Moore

Thanks, Don.  I'll check it out.  I took a quick look through the plans, but missed that one somehow, so I'll take another look.

Hey Don,

That plan was exactly what I was looking for, so I signed up for it.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  So much for running everything at an easy effort, though - oh well, I guess there's been enough post-race slacking.  Back to work!


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