Hi Guys,

I've currently been making major changes to my training, namely I'm training aerobically.  Using the the Phil Maffetone principle of 180 minus your age minus 5 to find my max aerobic heart rate.

The trouble I have is that my heart rate is really jumpy.  I've ran all my life, recently I massively changed my diet, I did the two week test and have done 3 monthly maf tests.  I've lost half a stone, but my maf tests are getting worse not better, physically I'm fine, blood pressure etc all good.  

I just can't keep my heart within the boundary and need to walk most of the time when I run, however, I can walk a fair speed with my heart rate some 35 beats slower.  Going into a steady jog boom! my heart rate climbs rapidly to my max.

I just can't seem to control my heart rate, it's actually making me pretty anxious when I run as any incline sets my heart off... 

I'm much healthier than I've ever been. Anyone have any thoughts? or experience similar problems when base training?


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Hi Andrew,

How are you getting on with your training?



One other thing. Honey is my key simple sugar, as Dr. phil seems to suggest it and it works. Also, most ultra endurance people walk hills as I understand it. Lastly, I don't take the extra 10 bpm off Maffetone for medication. Maybe I should, but to do so I was walking too much to stay sane. I'm at about 75% of my HRM using the Maffetone system and it feels good. I can easily do an hour at 90% HRM if I want to, but as I get sick, and injured, and I don't get faster, what exactly is the point?
Hi there,

I've been very slack with the testing. I was away and the temperature where I lived was over 40 degrees celsius during the day, so I've been slack that way.

I started getting cocky and doing more intervals and weights and it's back fired. I'm currently doing paleo diet again and knocking back the hard social riding/racing. I started using a tool you might find useful too. It's called ithelete HRV app for iPhone. Check it out. I had a huge training month last month with lots of three hour days and lots of 80-90 % heart rate maximum rides and the HRV values have really dropped hugely suggesting I need to do a month of strict LSD. I'm really a fraud compared to Eric et al, I'm such a non competitor and only run and ride for social interaction and mental health. However, the ithlete app, which Maffetone discusses in his big book btw, is truly worth looking at. I'll do the MAF again soon and let you know the value. I'm a bit scared I've overtrained last month. I also have seen a naturopath who has me on magnesium and zinc supplements. I do find I've got to really train hard still to get to the training range, much harder than before I started the maffetone system. It's most noticeable on the trampoline, believe it or not. The trampoline used it get me to the training range easily but no longer. Kids toys are really training tools! How are you going? I'm worried about the fellow whose results have worsened. I think some serious cardiac testing is in order before anything else.

It's hard with weather extremes, It's been cold windy and altogether dark and miserable in the UK.   When you're running into a head wind for 1-2 hours it effects your heart rate I find.

I've done some weights, but I been using Movnat as a guide and also I never do reps to exhaustion.  For example, 3 sets of 75 - 80% max weight, and I'll wait 2 mins in between in each set.  I'll only do a few exercises but they'll be mainly posterior chain. I'll do these twice a week max and never before a long run.  It's the only way I've found I don't over train.

On the plus side my weight has been regular for the last 6 months, and although I've not managed to do an accurate maf test (always seem to be under the weather when it's due...) I think I've take about 1 min 45 sec off my original test, as I'm consistently running sub 10 min miles at my max hr.

I've found that the occasionaly fun run on the heath's (even if they last an hour and a half don't tire me out). 


So although I'd love a better average speed, my aim is to be sub 9 mins by the end of 2013, I'm a different animal these days.  I'm starting to understand how all the components need to be in place in order to be truely fit.


Plus I've taken up yoga on my active recovery days.



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