Hey everybody,

Just looking for general information about cold weather running. What kinds of changes are expected when running in cold weather, such as in heart rate or VO2 max?

I started a training block in the southern United States in the fall but then traveled to the midwest (near Chicago) where it is frigid right now. At first I noticed my heart rate seemed to have increased quite a bit for easy paced runs. I read that in the cold our blood vessels restrict causing an increase in HR- does anybody know if this is accurate?

Thanks for any and all info, and happy running!


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Hi Ryan - from my experience as a runner and coach, I see HR a tad lower in cold temperatures.  I usually factor in 5 beats lower or so with my athletes.

Are you still having elevated HR now that you have settled in?  I wonder if your issue wasn't more of a shock to the body since you were not used to the cold?


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