In your book, you state that with good running form your foot should touch the ground 22 to 23 times every 15 seconds. When out on the road, I attempted to do this and found that my normal cadence was much faster than this. If I slow my cadence down to your recommended steps per second I feel as though I am no longer running smoothly, but instead putting too much pressure on each step.

Am I running with too fast of cadence?

Am I completely overlooking something?

All help and assistance is welcome! Thanks in advance.


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In general, and especially at slower speeds with a high cadence, you might be losing the stance leg extension that is so important for stability and power.  Or in other words, you might be keeping your knees too bend at that higher cadence.

You do want power forced into the ground to propel you forward, but this power/force is relational to speed.

Hi Ryan

Wow that is fast, my experience has been this, over the last year or so I have converted to minimalist shoes and a bit of barefoot, I'm currently hitting 170-180 a minute, with that and other changes I feel my technique has improved, my times certainly have.


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