With the nice summer sale on B2R shoes, I get kind of tempted to buy a pair. Have anyone tested both the B2R and the Merrell trail gloves (that I'm using currently) and could comment on how they compare in size/fit? I normally have a lot of problems getting a shoe that fits well so I'm a bit worried about buying something without testing it :S

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Hi Mikael
I have never tried the Merrell but I can't recommend the B2R Trail shoes enough. They have an excellent fit, are very comfortable and wear fantastically. Traditionally I found it hard to find a shoe that fitted properly but the B2R Trails fit like a glove and I have no blister issues even when you have wet feet.
After asking for some sizing advise from this place I just ordered the same size as the NB I was using and as I said they are fantastic, and will only get better as I get stronger and use to wearing them more. Currently I wear them 3 to 4 times a week. Hope this helps.

Thanks Robert, it's always nice to hear that people like them :)

I think my main concern is that I vary quite a lot in shoe size depending on the make/model of the shoe. Probably because my feet are short/wide/square :) My current shoes are 7.5 while my last pair of brooks were 8.5. I recently bought a pair of nice dress shoes and the shoemaker had me test a dozen shoes before being able to find something that work with my weird feet :)

I used to run in the Merrell Trail Gloves.  I was a size 8 in those.  For comparison, in VFFs I was an M40, a size 8.5 in Altra Instinct, and a 9EE in the New Balance MT10.  I currently run in the B2R Trail size 9, because I have mutant-wide feet.  It's actually a tad too long for me.  8.5 would be more appropriate.  I took advantage of the sale as well and just ordered the Road version in 8.5.

Thanks Jay. Very informative and helps me a lot! Now I just have to decide whether to get the road or trail version :)

Hi Mikael, I as you know, have the trail version of the B2R's & they are great for me in a road context too. My running partner & friend Jeff has the road version of the B2R's & though fantastic on the road he finds a little more protection is needed when on the trail that the road version dos'nt give. Hope this helps

Just received a pair of snazzy blue trail shoes. I ended up buying size 8 and the fit seems to be very good. I hope to go out and test them tomorrow :)

Hi Mikael,

I have Merrell Trail Gloves that fit very well. I am looking at buying the B2R Road Performance shoes, what size was your Merrells and how did it compare (sizing wise) to the B2R shoe? I suppose the Road and Trail B2R shoes will have the same sizing

Hi Riaan!

My Merrells are a size 7.5 and maybe a tiny bit too narrow/short. I never got any blister or so from them and my guess is that they are supposed to have a snug fit so they might have been the correct size. I bought a size 8 of the B2R trail and they of course were a bit larger (which fit me very well). 




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