I am looking to get a pair of B2R Shoes for my road running. Most of my previous running shoes needed to be replaced after 400 to 500 miles or so. How do these shoes tend to hold up? Do they last as long as "traditional running shoes?" Do the shoes tend to have better life once someone learns to run with better form? (I am still trying to get my form right.)

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Hey Mike - thanks for the post and also saw your email come thru on B2R, so thought I would respond here, but need to ask you what you mean by hold up?

I just want to get a sense for why you replace at 400-500 miles?  Is it wear and tear on the outsole or upper wear and tear?  Loss of cushioning?

Give me a sense for this so i can get answer your question.

You might find that the B2R's last longer, because the natural fit and movement will help create better run form and better ground strike.

But get back to me on the above and i can answer fully.

Thanks for the interest - E

Thank you for responding.

I was over striding and heel striking a lot in the past in shoes that are not zero-drop. I have been working hard over the past two months to try and correct this. I also think I was lifting my toes a lot which I am sure I still do.

This leads to wear in two areas. The outside of my heel has the soles wearing down. Eventually, this would lead to me walking/standing "crooked". Recently, I do notice more wear on the forefoot area where I can see the treads disappearing but I don't think there is any threat of holes. On some shoes, I was wearing the insole out at the forefoot area.

The other thing that happens is that my big toe starts to "carve out" the shoe from the inside. I try to keep my toe nails short but it must be hard and after a while, the area above my big toe gets "eaten out" and my sock/toe starts to show through the shoe.
Here are a few pictures of what I am talking about. Please note that I usually have 2 pair and when one gets worn out, it gets retired to grass cutting duty which is why you'll see clippings.

IMG_1214.JPG. Here is a picture of the inside of the retired shoe showing that an area of the forefoot is wearing down.

IMG_1171.JPG. This is a picture of a retired shoe showing the wear on the outside heel. It is not nearly as bad on my current pair as I have very consciously been trying to focus on forefoot strike.

IMG_1172.JPG. This is a current shoe which is starting to have some of the big toe get "eaten out". Not quite sure how this is happening. My running socks don't have holes in them and as I mentioned earlier I try to keep my nails fine. But it happens on every running shoe.

Edit:: ok... On the preview it is not showing pictures so I will try to add as attachments in a reply to this. Wish I knew how to do this better ;)
Here are the photos. If it does end up going in the final version of the previous post, please delete this reply post.
Here are the other 2 images...sorry for all the posts. Clearly I am not that experienced at putting in pictures.
(Edit: Ok, not sure why the attachments aren't going more than 1 at a time. Rather than posting yet another, just imagine the top of the shoe where my big toe would be situated getting a little hole.)

Hi Mike & Eric, I've noticed the same wear pattern on the outside of the heel in other shoes. 

I've only got 9 miles cumulative so far in my B2R Trail and about 3 miles cumulative on my B2R Raja because I'm still transitioning to them, so it's still too early to tell if the same wear pattern will show up.

But I did do a half marathon this past weekend in an older pair of zero drop shoes and based on some of the photos taken of me later in the race -- after mile 10 -- it looks like I'm dragging the outside of my heels as I touch down, which may be what's causing the wear pattern...

I don't have the mileage on my shoes like you're asking about but I bought the new trail shoes when they came out in Feb.  I wore them for the last half of a Hundred miler I did on April 26-27 plus training miles mostly on roads so I think I have less that 200 on them and there is no discernible yet.  I also curl up my big toe I inherited that from my dad.   

Wow. 200 miles and no discernible wear yet- that's good to hear Bill. Thank you. Congrats on the hundred miler! That's a great accomplishment!
I received my pair of B2R shoes about 2 weeks ago and they are by far my favorite pair of running shoes I have had. I am still in the early stages of the Foundation Program so my mileage is not that high but I do have a minor concern already.
I have a total of 69 logged miles on the shoes and the netting fabric seems to be wearing on the top of the inside of the foot. I tried to include a picture attachment. I love the shoes but hope they don't end up tearing and getting holes in this area. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
(If this doesn't show right, may I ask how to include pictures in a post so that they show up?)


After looking at your photo I took a very close look at my trail shoes.  They are built slightly different and still show no visible signs of wear.  I have put a fair amount of road miles on them. 

Hi Mike

Yes, that's happened on my shoes as well.  I've had them since January but due to a few lingering injuries haven't really done many miles (probably around 160 miles).  They've shown that kind of wear in several places on both shoes but haven't actually torn.  My shoes fit well but I think I'll go up a half size next time as I'm wondering if that is causing it.  Or maybe it is meant to be like that?

Just wanted to give an update. I have 310 miles logged with the B2R shoes and love them. I redid the laces a little bit and that helped some of the pressure on the inside. The bit of fabric on the inside is still a little ripped but it didn't get much worse over the past 300 miles.
I can tell that my foot strike has changed compared to before I started the program. The heel looks to be in perfect condition without wear. Looking at the bottom of the shoe, there is only minor wear around the center of the forefoot and the back outside heel (wear at the heel probably shows when I am taking a walking break or tired from my long runs or a walking cool down.). I have included a picture of the bottom of the shoe so others can see how the shoe is holding up after 300+ miles.
I feel the shoe is very comfortable and definitely plan on buying another pair.


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