Day 5 - Week 1

Yesterday I completed the day 5 training schedule as set out in The Cool Impossible, running for a total of 50'. During the run I achieved something I thought at one time was completely "Impossible" for me before reading and believing in my Cool Impossible through Eric's fantastic book.

I took the $500.00 orthotics out of my running shoes and ran for the first time in 17 years without them, having no issues during, or after my run. Not only that, it is now almost 24 hr's since my run and my feet and legs feel great.  It is absolutely amazing to me how I felt no ill affects at all, I had so completely bought into the idea that I couldn't function without my orthotics that they are the first thing I pack when I go any where. But not wanting to throw the baby out with the bath water I will transition to running full time without them over time and then into the B2R trail shoes.

The other thing that really surprised me is how soft and cushioned your feet are in runners as my orthotics are much harder than the materials making up the shoe. Not that I hadn't believed everything I had read about this but to experience it first hand was incredible. I felt at times as if I was bouncing but I'm sure this feeling was just not being use to the shoes cushioning.

Now I know this may not seem such a big deal to some but as I have said before, until recently the only time I did not wear my orthotics was in bed or in the shower. I chose runners that would cater for my orthotics, not my feet and I use to believe, because I was told by those who should know - the medical profession, that biomechanically I did not work and therefore I needed these things to function. When really all I needed was correct foot, leg and core strength so as to support correct running form, which in my case, is still very much a work in progress. 

Our perceptions are indeed our reality and I truly believed I could not function without my orthotics. All up I have 4 pairs, for my runners, casual shoes/runners, work boots and last but not least, a pair for my dress shoes.

On the subject of shoes when purchasing the B2R Trail Shoes do I use the size of my existing runner as a guide or should I size up or down. I have relatively short toes.

Thank you all for lighting the path towards correct and injury free running and My Cool Impossible.

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Congrats and well done!!! Our perceptions can be quite overpowering at times... :)

Congrats! Awesome. All the B2Rs seem to be true to size with other runners. So you shouldn't need to go up or down.


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