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At 6:25am on September 7, 2017, Jay Mijares said…

Hi Robert! Hope all is well with you! I haven't been on here much in a while. Things seem to have slowed down here since Eric isn't spending as much time on the site.

At 4:55am on October 14, 2016, Rich Warne said…

Have 3 different pairs of Inov8 - love all 3. Have a gym / road pair, a summer trail and a winter trail pair. Also have clothing and run vest all great stuff. 

At 6:22am on June 1, 2016, Jay Mijares said…

Hi Robert! Thanks for reaching out! I've been running. Did a marathon last month and have a trail race this weekend which will be a training run for the Double Dipsea in just over two weeks. I haven't been doing many race reports here on TCI much, though I guess I should eventually. Got any major events coming up? Or do things slow down a bit due to winter?



At 1:12am on September 22, 2015, Rich Warne said…

Thank you. It was awesome

At 12:26am on July 11, 2015, Rich Warne said…
I have couple of small tattoos already but not running related
At 9:19am on July 10, 2015, Rich Warne said…
Hi Robert. Its Kokopelli a native American fertility symbol. There's a US trail group who use him as their groups symbol. Some of them have him as a tattoo
At 10:24am on May 1, 2015, Mara Summers said…

Thank you Robert! I just signed up for membership yesterday, and I can't believe I've already received two comments. :)  The thing is...I don't have anyone here to talk running with. I'm the kind of person who gets very passionate about my interests and for 2 months I've been living, breathing, thinking running. LOVE Eric's The Cool Impossible!

In my younger decades I did run to stay fit, but then my personal health would not support it until I had surgery. That is what freed me to begin running again - three decades later.

My biggest fear is I will have a injury and that will keep me from running. My other problem is trying to keep my enthusiasm down so I have rest days.
Thanks again Robert!  Your words are inspiration. :)

At 2:03am on February 20, 2015, Rich Warne said…
Thank you Robert! Very kind of you. Much appreciated
At 11:28am on November 19, 2014, Rich Warne said…

Hi Robert -can't really comment on suitability of Eric's marathon programme for a half as I haven'r seen the programme - sorry. As for Garmin we have 2 in the family a 205 and 310XT - both great, we always buy "old models" on Amazon as they are so much cheaper than the current range

At 6:48am on November 18, 2014, Rich Warne said…

Hi Robert - excellent news! Usual advice (same as any race) don't go out too hard at start, try for the holy grail of negative splits -easier said than done. On your long training runs try to do some race day simulation / pacing. Not sure this last one is wise or not, but I tend to avoid drink stations on a half marathon mainly because I'm around the 90 min mark I can hydrate enough before hand, and avoiding water stations means avoiding congestion and trip hazards at water stations on the bigger halfs

At 9:20pm on November 12, 2014, Lori Enlow said…
Thanks Robert for the good vibes :) Will let ya know how it goes.
At 6:44pm on November 11, 2014, Jill Brennan said…

Hi Robert, I have a Garmin Forerunner 620 and before that the 420.  There are a few things I like about it:

  • no need to wear a footpod, picks up cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation, ground contact time just from the heart rate strap
  • it syncs with my iPhone via Bluetooth and through the Garmin app I can get instant stats on my run, can check pre-programmed workouts and courses
  • the graphs showing performance on my phone are colour coded based on a running 'ideal' which is a handy guide
  • in the last few weeks of phase 1, I've been setting up pre-programmed workouts based on the training plan in the book which takes a bit of fiddling around (have to do it online and then transfer it to the phone) but makes the run much easier - just have to do what it tells me rather than having to remember what's next
  • much easier with a touch screen to move around in the watch to check settings or make changes than it was using the 420
  • still connects to my online profile so all my previous data using 420 was still there

Probably the only downside is that I also swim with a squad and I can't use my 620 for that.  I would have had to spend a lot more money to get the next one up if I'd wanted a watch I could use for swimming and I didn't feel it was worth paying the extra.

Good luck!  Let me know what you end up deciding to get.

At 12:42pm on October 9, 2014, Rich Warne said…
cheers for birthday greetings and all the best for your marathon
At 9:34am on September 18, 2014, Paul Weeks said…

Hi Robert,

Yes, still here. Still not running, I'm afraid. I'm currently on referral to a musculo-skeletal unit so we'll see what they have to say. Maybe they can identify and sort out the crucial widget in the suspension that isn't quite right. Not much more to report. I've cut back on the cycling as I was getting tendonitis in my hands - this vintage old banger is just falling apart!  I'd swim, but I find it so incredibly boring! Anyways, good to hear that your own running is going so well. I'll get back to  you if and when there's anything more positive to report!

At 5:34pm on September 11, 2014, Lori Enlow said…
Thank you Robert! I am very excited, nervous, and Confident. I have the whole family in on this one! Looking forward to saturday 6am! You can follow the race on irunfar.
At 12:39pm on August 3, 2014, Rich Warne said…

Hi Robert - thanks for asking, bit of a tough week but sure will be back on it soon. Good luck with your marathon training. Hoper family are all well - my wife has just joined this forum :-)

At 8:38pm on July 13, 2014, Paul Weeks said…

Hi Robert, thanks for asking - that's really thoughtful. I haven't been on here much, to be honest, as I haven't run since February. I can't shake off this knee tracking problem that feels a bit like someone inserting a crowbar under my knee cap. I have, however, shattered all my PBs (3 minute  mile, Lori!) by the simple expedient of taking my GPS on bike rides. Lots of cycling has sorted out the weak quad muscles but not the knee pain. I'm currently on a program of knee mobility/stretching.... blah blah yawn yawn. Anyway, all very boring and all very frustrating. How about yourself? Hope your running is going well. best wishes, Paul.

At 1:10am on July 12, 2014, Rich Warne said…
Excellent news!
At 5:48am on July 11, 2014, Rich Warne said…

Hi Robert, yeah Royal Parks is an Oxfam supported race, so not only will I be running for them but there will also be a whole team running and also race support from the boys and girls at Oxfam. Are you running for anybody on your marathon - hope training is going well

At 1:45pm on May 29, 2014, Lori Enlow said…
Thanks robert! encouragement is a huge catalyst!

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