So I was due for one of those slow, steady mitochondria building Zone 2 30 minute type of runs. But I met an old student on my way out who wanted to come. Now she's seriously talented, super quick, and in the past, well, I've managed to stay with her for about a mile before having to collapse quietly in a ditch and throw up. Only reason I can stay with her at all is that she's 16 and some way off her potential. But after 10 weeks of Phase 1? Hey, I stayed with her for over 3 miles (way out of zone, sorry coach!), and hell it was fun and exhilarating and the Garmin chirruped up to point out that I had just obliterated my previous PB for 5K. By 2 minutes. After 3 miles she was still going strong and I made my excuses and relaxed gratefully into the Zone 1 warm down, but it was brilliant fun. Now, if I could just clear up this quirky little injury (see Injury Corner - Eric, I'm booked in to see a physio, but I'd be interested in your views.)

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Comment by Eric Orton on January 22, 2014 at 3:37pm

Love this story,  Zone 2 is all about creating that efficiency that translates to all speeds.  Nice work and great patience.

See my answer on the knee/pistol squats, but in mean time while perfecting the movement, try stretching your quads - this should release the tug/pull on the knee and the pain.

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