Wow. I'm really starting to get it. I get what Eric is talking about.  I feel what Eric is talking about. Now, the distances I'm going to share with you aren't awe-inspiring or anything like that, but its the "A-ha" moment for me that prompts me to write about my running this past weekend. So... with a little encouragement from Lori, I've decided to train for a 50K. Its brought a whole new level of excitement and nervousness to my running. I've researched a lot of different training plans out there and have begun to put one together that fits my schedule. Some of the plans encourage a long run on the weekend, followed the next day with a tempo run of about half the distance. My understanding is the Saturday run is supposed to make me tired for the next day, so that I get used to running even when my legs are tired. I finished 12 miles Sat morning and felt pretty darn good! I knew, though, that I probably had a more difficult run coming Sun morning. Got up Sun and stared to warm up. My legs were telling me they were tired and immediately I wanted to revert to my all too comfortable pace and take it easy.  But I knew the purpose of Sunday's run. All I had to do was tell myself that this is how I'm supposed to feel, that the real training was what I did with this feeling. And it was if I flipped a switch! I didn't care that I felt a little tired. I focused on good form and running like I was enjoying myself. And I did enjoy myself! I was able to pull my thoughts away from how my body felt and go much deeper. I was thinking, "Look at how great I am feeling! I thought I was really going to have to dig deep to make it through this run. I had to dig a little, but only a little. I realize my reserves go much deeper than I ever thought. How much more can I accomplish? Where's my limit? Where's the bottom?" Holy crap I'm super excited! :)

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Comment by Lori Enlow on May 20, 2013 at 6:41pm

WEEEEEHEEEE!  Get ready for the ride of your life girl!  Go! ...and you are absolutely spot on about how your legs feel and how you are responding.

Comment by Eric Orton on May 20, 2013 at 9:44am

This is great!  Thanks for sharing and continue to keep us posted on your training.  And never diminish your race distance - it is all running!

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