Wow, what a first week back at it! 2014 Cool Impossible formulated and now in black and white! I decided I want to document this year week by week. My training and progression and racing. I encourage you to do the same. It’s a great way to learn from each other, encourage, and challenge.

So, 3 weeks last run prior to taking off it was 60 degrees and blazing fall folliage. Today 9 degrees running on ice. Welcome to Oklahoma. 9 degrees is a PR for me. I started the strength program as well. Working the foot/leg and upper body strength program from The Cool Impossible. I had some issues over the past 2 years at the longer distances. I am hoping with some real dedication to the training/strength process I will be able to complete the 100+ distance and the more rugged/steep climbing descending without flaring this up. I want to be able to RACE a full 100 miles and beyond.

Getting back into the foot/leg strength woke those calves up! Def experienced some soreness!  Oh and the burn in those gluts and hips! Reminding myself to lock the stance leg focus on where I’m supposed to feel those exercises. And the upper body! Ha!  getting back on that fit ball after some time of ignoring it! After a few days of just trying to stay on the damn thing, I got to focus on form. The scorpions are the most challenging...and the most fun. I struggle with my R rotator cuff, and recently really pissed it off working on my rock skipping form with my sons, so I was worried about how my shoulder would handle the positions. Amazingly, it has not aggravated this, I think the shoulder pain has actually helped me to keep from loading my shoulders in attempt to lessen the work of my back/ my shoulder actually keeps my using the muscles I’m supposed to use.

The one piece of advice that rings in my head as i’m doing these, is to perform them to my ability. When i feel my form break/not able to hold the position the way intended I end the rep and take a break. Right now I’m not up to full number of reps on upper body and am only doing one full set of each. On lower body I’m doing slant board only 20 reps, 2 sets. My stability disc should be in mail, but want to get to 3 sets of 25 on the slant board with the leg lifts before moving on to the stability disk. The lunges I can do 20 reps, 2 sets flat footed. Have not moved to slant board yet. Sooo. That’s where I’m at with the strength program.

Running easy runs this week on odd days with one long run today….on ice!  Eric said it would cause me to use good form. I doubted this just a tad. I thought trying to run on ice would cause me to be sloppy and awkward. I was pleasantly surprised. It forced me to take short quick steps, landing on my forefoot with heel coming down next. I noticed I stood taller/straighter, leaning forward any would cause me to slip. My knees driving and my feet staying under me, ankle not extending past knee….naturally. Weird but cool. I did slip once or twice which was actually kinda fun. I got funny looks from drivers...Ha! i ran faster than some drove! We don’t get much snow/ice here...the “snowpocalypse” of 2013. We got an inch of ice and 4 of snow. No bread or milk available at the stores before the first drop of sleet fell...really!

So that’s it!  week one down! How was yours?!


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