Night-time running rules. On Saturday night/early Sunday morning, I went for my second night-time run, this time with my brother. He's only just starting to run longer distances, but he's definitely got the right attitude - I guess that's more important when I need to persuade him that a 3am start for a 30km run to the beach and back might be fun.

After loading up on coffee and toast, we set out along the same route that I went on my last night-time jaunt; past the clubs as they were kicking out and along a flat first 10km following a nearby river. I'm still focusing on keeping a good upright posture, as well as (following discussions on here last week) keeping a slightly quicker cadence than previously; even though this meant I was keeping an eye on my form the whole way, it was so much better (compared to last time) having someone to talk to and keep pace with.

I was a bit worried that my brother wouldn't 'get it' when we got to the beach, but as we got there with the sun just rising, he started mentioning how awesome the view was and how tranquil it all felt - mission accomplished. He often complains that he gets bored while out running any kind of distance, so I want to try and get him to find reasons to do it and I think this outing might have given him an idea. You never know.

We ran back along pretty-much deserted roads (pulling the Mo-Bot for any surfers that were driving past at that time of day) and clocked the place where we passed 13 miles - with an eye on the half marathon at the end of September. After we eventually made it home, we pretty much spent the day chowing down on replacement calories and stretching out so that we weren't both completely useless the next day.

For my own part, I was very happy with how I ran. To echo what I said last week, I think I'm starting to get it a lot more naturally now, which is nice. I'm looking forward to the point where it becomes natural enough that I don't have to even think about it any more, but step by step I guess. I was especially pleased that this 30km trip came after a week that saw a flat 10km and another hilly 13km. Who needs rest weeks? :)

- Ben

My brother, as we'd just run up from the beach to see the mist sitting on the dunes.

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