So, is anyone else enjoying the chance to watch how a load of other people run, watching the Olympic marathon?

Since the last time I wrote a blog post, I've luckily managed to avoid destroying my big toe from it dragging underneath my foot (any tips on any specific thing I might be able to do to avoid that would still be very appreciated!) and gradually been creating more consistency in the distances I'm running each week. I'm now running around 30km most Sundays, with a couple of 10km runs normally thrown in during the week - is it bad that I've kind of stopped enjoying (and therefore setting out to run) shorter distances? I'm wondering if it's maybe because I don't properly settle into my pace until around the 5km mark, so for shorter runs I feel as though I'm stopping before I've properly started... I don't know whether that's something I can work on or not.

I haven't done any more night running since the beach jaunt I wrote about last time, but I've managed to find a few really nice routes of a similar sort of distance - it's strange, but I feel like I'm now seeing routes that were there all along, but have only just 'opened up' to me, as if I now subconsciously know I'm equipped physically and mentally to take them on. Maybe. That seems a bit deep for a Sunday morning...

A Sunday morning where I'm laid up staring at my feet hanging over the edge of the sofa, waiting not-so-patiently for some tendon pain in the top of my right foot to abate. I tried a bit too much of a sprint finish to the 10km home from work in the middle of last week and although I'm not certain, I think that was probably what knackered it. It's similar to the tendon pain I wrote about way back in the mists of time (one that I haven't experienced since then until now), so this time I've been straight on the ice and proper rest to see how quickly I can get ready to get back out again.

Hey, at least there's some of that Olympic action to inspire a speedy recovery :)

- Ben

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