A few weeks ago I completed my 6th Ironman and had my best finish, 5th place in my age group! I have used visualization for other races but I struggle using it with Ironman. Visualizing the race would make me nervous. Eric had a solution. As we talked about what I wanted to happen he had me write it down. I was telling my story on how I saw myself racing. My story started a few days before the race and didn't end until I crossed the finish line. I read my story over and over the week before the race.
On race day I was ready both mentally and physically. The race was challenging (strong winds and heat) and things happened that weren't in the story. It didn't matter. I was able to handle the difficult conditions because I was prepared and was able to do the things that were in my control (nutrition, mantra.. Positive attitude).
Thanks Eric

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Comment by Lori Enlow on May 21, 2012 at 5:56pm

I like the idea of writing it down, I struggled with visualization too.  I would get distracted.  Another thing that helps me with visualization is listening to music I normally run to and doing some pre-visualization exercises...counting to 10, 10 deep breaths, visualizing no brainer activities like walking on the beach before visualizing the event that I was nervous about.

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