Was nervous going into this one. Had a tough race the week before. I did a 25k at Pumpkin Holler. I had done the 100 mile race there last year and came in first female. A lot of people were wondering why I was "only" doing the 25k.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to win this one.  I felt like it was expected and I knew I would be disappointed if I didn't win, even though I told myself I wouldn't.  Well I came in 4th female, not shabby, but not near first. Not to mention I felt tired and like I was on the verge of falling apart the whole way. I was chasing the lead females and getting farther and farther behind and I couldn't seem to move any faster and couldn't figure out why.  Next up Tulsa Run, batteries recharged my goal for this race was to stay within myself.  That's when I do my best. I love Tulsa Run. Always 8-10,000 runners and big party atmosphere the whole way.  I did it. I got back to what I do best, staying within myself and running my own race.  It felt great.  It's like the whole world disappears and I am in this zone, racing myself, chasing my limit and dancing back and forth over that line.  For the first time in a race I also learned what it felt like to have a "kick" toward the end of the race. My goal was to pick it up at 10k and I did, and it felt good.  Unfortunately that "kick" only lasted about 2K!  Soooo the last 3 k were pretty rough, but it was wonderful and I finished happy.  I also feel like I was learning as I was going. Learning where maybe I can push a little more and where maybe I should not push so much. i love those kinds of races and those kinds of days!  Put a few more miles on my BTRs!

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