Training with Eric on the off season

There has been some interest to know what it is like to train with Eric on a regular basis. 9 years ago my husband and myself moved with our 5 kids and 2 dogs to a farm in Teton Valley Idaho. We now have lambs, horses, chickens, cats and another dog. We have a green house and a big garden. I love to cook and trying new recipes. Our town is very small with no big chain retail stores. Our grocery store still closes on Sunday ! I live 40 min away from Eric and have been working with him for 8 years. He has helped me train for various races as well as recover from surgeries and injuries. We work together weekly on strength training and he develops my training program for my races and other adventures.

Right know is my off season. I love and hate this time. I love the mental break of not being on a schedule and doing different activities. I hate this time because I loose some of my fitness that I worked so hard on. Eric reminds me that it will come back and because I take the time off, I will come back even stronger!! Eric and I are taking advantage of this down time to focus on building strength. His new favorite exercise are jump ups. I have to jump up and down from this high platform. This is not one of my favorites. I also continue to work on foot strength with slant board work as well as short 20 min runs in my B2R shoes. Eric says it is better to keep workouts shorter and be more consistent with them. The hard and long ones will come soon enough.

It was -15 this morning so it looks like today I will be running on a treadmill!

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Comment by Eric Orton on December 21, 2012 at 5:45pm

Bring on 2013!!

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