yeap! Like one month ago i turn my diet into "raw food only". For more than a year all my breakfasts were already "raw". It consist of what's called a green smoothie (2bananas,bleuberries,blackberries,strawberries,apples,spinach,celeries,brocolli,goji berries,and chia all that mixed with water) and now i changed my other meals too! My lunch consist most of the time of brocolis,carrots,sweet peas,cherry tomatos and an avocado (exellent with lime juice and green tabasco). I still alowed my self a couples of exeptions (meat,pasta,sugar,bread,beer and wine) but in very small amounts and just at dinner time. The difference is obvious, overall I feel SO MUCH better and I can train much more with less soreness and tierdness. I know it sounds weerd but it's like my blood is boiling with power! I recomand to give it a try! A good source of infos and motivation is Tim Vanorden's site I suggest you take a look at all is short vidéos about diet and race results, it IS impressive enough for me to try and I'm more than convinced now after a month! By definition, raw foods are nutriments that are consumed in their natural, unprocessed state. Some can still be considered raw if they haven't been heated above 45 degrees Celsius or 115 Fahrenheit.+ Almost all raw foods is alkaline once processed by the digestive system witch help a lot to maintain an healty balanced body ph. There is another interesting site here well stocked with infos on raw food and ultrarunning!

So check it out and have a good reading and don't fear to give it a try, you could be pleased with the results!!!

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Comment by Tom Peterson on August 6, 2013 at 5:16pm

Are you still eating raw and liking it?

The book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human argues that we underwent major evolution, such as changing our teeth from teeth similar to pigs' teeth to modern human teeth, when our ancestors started cooking with fire. Hence, he argues that cooked food is the natural food for humans.  On the other hand, if raw foods still make you feel better one can't argue with that, even if part of the reason is the different foods one eats when one eats raw. E.g., do you eat raw potatoes?

Comment by Mark Lofquist on February 24, 2010 at 7:58am
you've certainly provided some great 'food' for thought. I'm sure my free-radicals are what keeps me sore for so long.

i've got some dietary soul-searching to do.

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