Well, I made it! What I thought was impossible became possible! I thought there was no way I could live without sugar, no way! My family thought I was crazy, co-workers would look at me and say "why are you doing this to yourself?" I would answer, "because I am tired of feeling like crap!" I did not realize the side effects of sugar! I knew when I would consume a pop and candy bar mid-afternoon I would feel groggy and tired, but I didn't have sense enough to realize the culprit was the sugar. The first week was easy; I even made my husband an apple pie and didn't take one bite. About day eight, the cravings came. I wanted ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, a milkshake, anything. I continued to eat fruits and nuts and eventually the cravings were no more. I learned to read lables, especially ingredients. If I can't pronounce the ingredient, I don't want to consume it. I lost two pounds, I have energy and feel great! I have suffered from cystic acne for YEARS; my face has immensely improved. I still have a few spots but nothing like the painful, huge knots I normally have. My husband and kids are now on board with healthy eating, which is a huge help to have their support. I am now very anti-sugar/anti-processed foods . I drive by fast food places and can't believe I actually ate the food that is offered on the menu (I still go to Subway, which is way better than McDonalds).  I can't see myself going back to enjoying junk food. Yeah, I am sure I will eat a piece of cake or a few peanut butter M&M's once in a while, but not as a snack. Now, I am 100% dedicated to living a healthy living for my family and I.

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Comment by myskewedmind on January 20, 2014 at 5:55pm

This first week has been interesting.  I am not 100% clear on the rules.  I am eating real food but what of milk?  I know Eric drinks his coffee black, but dude, I drink Cuban coffee and to part with the "leche" in my morning cafe is causing emotional distress.  Other than that I drink unsweetened almond milk, but I totally spat out that stuff when I substituted it for the cow milk in coffee.  PS - I had severe hypoglycemia and yes, it is only week 1 and for once I am not constantly starving all day.

Comment by Amanda French on January 16, 2014 at 7:11am

Thank you, David Emilsson!

Greg Emerson- what an awesome testimony! Way to go!! I am inspired!

Comment by David Emilsson on January 16, 2014 at 2:45am

Way to go Amanda! You will never want to go back :)

Comment by greg emerson on January 16, 2014 at 2:19am


  I too completed the 20 day sugar detox over Thanksgiving break.  Well, I think that 20 day is now the 60 day detox.  Eric was right in his book when he suggests that you may never go back.  I had started my work in August and I was following the concept of eating around the perimeter of the store so actually I never went through any tough adjustment to no sugar diet.  I had lost 30 pounds by the time I tried the detox but had been on a plateau for 3 weeks.  From the start of the detox to the 20 day mark I lost 11 pounds!  And yes, the weight loss was only a side benefit to the amazing way I felt.  

  As I write this I have lost 51 pounds since my journey began in August with a goal of losing another 30 by the one year mark in August.  I am nearing completion of the Level 1 work with the inclined plane.  I have walked at least 3 miles a day for 70 days streak despite freezing rain, 1 below zero temps, snow, blizzard conditions, darkness, along the beautiful coast of Maine.  The people at work can't believe my transformation and I have become a disciple of this healthy lifestyle.  I am excited to reclaim younger versions of this 55 year old body that once ran a 30:30 five miler and a 3:05 marathon.  Thanks Eric.

Comment by Amanda French on January 15, 2014 at 5:37pm

Thank you, Eric! If it wasn't for The Cool Impossible I would have never given thought to make a change. I recommend this book to everyone!

Comment by Eric Orton on January 15, 2014 at 3:47pm

It is also very important for people to realize it is not so much about weight loss, but how you begin to feel and I hope you see that this discipline made you feel good about yourself, aside from all of the great things you mentioned. AND, you inspired others - this is so powerful and how it is important for us to see that true change comes within.  You helped yourself, and therefore helped empower others.  True change can only happen this way.

Comment by Eric Orton on January 15, 2014 at 3:43pm

You made my day!!  This is so awesome and what it is all about.  Now, find you own way to live and eat 95/5 and remember, you are only one good choice away from a bad choice.

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