Many people ask me what is "The Cool Impossible?" or "What does it mean?"

I like to say, "The Cool Impossible is a goal pursued by dreaming beyond fear and living beyond limits."  But ultimately, The Cool Impossible is an attitude, a philosophy, a mindset, and most important, the individual affect it has on someone.  And many times, this creates an outcome that is much more powerful coming from that person or as in this example, one of my athletes:

Thank you for helping me. I am amazed at how you filter everything and know exactly how to train me.  Your coaching is always very smooth and fluid. Teaching me to explore limits...without fear...for the first time. I just realized I've taken a big step.  I've never done this before...maybe that is the REAL reason I am so geeked out right now....not because there is a big race coming, not because I had a good day, or it was beautiful out, or I was rested from being "smart", but because this is the first time I am exploring... really and truly without fear. Thank you. 

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Comment by Lori Enlow on April 9, 2013 at 12:01pm
Not just learning to run, but.....learning to fly!

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