I "accidentally" created my mantra this past weekend. Towards the end of my long run, I was worrying about a long hill climb. I reminded myself that my reserves go much deeper than I think. I also reminded myself that I have control over my state of mind and I don't need any extra energy/muscle to adjust my state of mind. And so my mantra was born: Deep reserves, state of mind. I didn't chant it to my cadence, which I normally like to do. I just said it slowly and evenly. I felt much more focused and calm. When I got to the hill, it was no problem at all!! I felt like I flowed up it like the wind! When I realized that I was already at the top (and felt FANTASTIC!), I couldn't stop smiling- I bet some of the people driving by thought I was nuts! I never knew how much enjoyment I could get from my running and myself. As a bit of a perfectionist, I've spent too many years telling myself that I didn't run hard enough, fast enough, or far enough. I'm finally learning to challenge myself in a way that is positive and self-building. Geez- and it only took 21 years of running to get there! Well, my mother always said I was hard-headed. I hope I can learn future lessons a little more quickly! :)

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