A year ago today I joined the conversation, joined the Cool Impossible family that has crystallised & distilled my path & journey towards my own Cool Impossible. This wonderful place of support & ideas where genuine people give of themselves to support & help you achieve your own Cool Impossible what ever it maybe. The willingness of everyone to share their collective wisdom & journey is both staggering & beautiful where no matter your ability or knowledge you are an equal. Where questions are asked & answered, where problems are posed & solved, where positiveness & joy is infectious. Birds of a feather truely do flock together.
In Eric's video that introduce us to Jackson Hole & his philosophies he says that he feels his misson in life is to create one runner per house hold because in his experience runners are good people & the world needs more good people. Well the community that he has created is indeed full of good people with it being a joy & privelidged to be a part of.
Thank you Eric for having the courage of your convictions to create this place and to everyone here for being you.

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Comment by Allen Rothery on December 5, 2014 at 7:45pm

Thanks for your support, too, Mate! 

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