I like to pretend I am a type B personality...don't snort laugh...but really...yes...I know..I am a type A, or at least I revert very quickly to type A when stressed. Actually maybe even a type A+. This week is a harder running week. Higher volume, more intense speed work. Much of my training is heart rate based....enter technology and my subsequent decent into a psychotic fit about an hour in to my hour and a half run. Today's run? warm up, get into a zone range and stay there for about an hour and then cool down. Picked my favorite and somewhat hilly course to get me going up and down in that range. My goal was to try and use the whole range and really enjoy playing around. Of course I have my HR alarms set to ding when I either go above or below that heart rate zone. So, I'm cruising along and start speeding up to get my heart rate up. I'm feeling it, yup heart pumping, breathing harder...then the alarm on my watch tells me my heart rate is too slow. Wha? Huh? Look at my watch...way low heart rate..adjust my chest strap, tap my watch and back up again. 5 minutes later same thing, this time I'm climbing and FEEL i am at the high end of my zone...ding ding ding...Lori, your heart rate is too slow you need to speed up...huh? wha? shit?! I'm working hard and my heart rate is not showing it..what's wrong... am I just tired? Do I just think I'm working harder than I am? About that time....bang alarms stop, heart rate is showing high end of zone. ....Ok, whatever. 5 min later...yup, you guessed it. "fine" I think, I'll just show that damn watch and off I go, charging uphill, low zone alarm stops and high zone alarm immediately kicks in. Several rounds of this and I lost it. I stopped, kicked the dirt, wriggled around, tugged at my chest strap, had a small tantrum cursing the makers of my watch, heart rate strap, the moon, stars, satellites and all technology. Then took a deep breath and ignored my watch and went by feel. I was so psychotic looking that even the dogs that chase me down on that route hesitated...for about 2 seconds. As crazy as I got, I really had a blast. I love that route, those damn dogs, the rocky, hilly, twisty dirt road, the hills and the trees.

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Comment by Lori Enlow on February 28, 2013 at 4:46pm
I only have to sleep in the padded room when I slip out of those cute, but really long sleeve white jackets with shiny buckles.
Comment by Eric Orton on February 28, 2013 at 3:08pm

do you sleep in a padded room?

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