Week 1 Phase 1


Yesterday I did the long run concluding week 1 of my TCI-journey. Quite fun to follow a specific and professional training plan for the first time of my life. Since I did a short 9,3 km trail-race on wednesday (finished 9th out of 60!) I had to alter this weeks program a little. Had an average bpm of 191 during the race, and legs felt heavy the next 3 days. Therefor I spent a total of 9 days to complete week 1, as I needed two extra days off.  

Positive and negative experiences:

I have a 2 year old son, and this week I tried to be effective and ran the 8 km roundtrip to and from the kindergarden. This is on asphalt and it clearly was a bad idea, as I felt a vague sense of achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis in my left foot the next day. No more asphalt for me! Never had such problems before. As for the speed I was surprised at how fast I could run effortless in BPM-zone 2 when I relaxed and focused on technique, this was a real eye-opener, and I am constantly improving.

Strenght training:

I have done my core-excerises every other day, but need to spend more time working on leg-strength with the balance and slant boards. Today is a day off, but gonna start week 2 tomorrow, and looking forward to it! 

The numbers:

Running days: 6

Average hr: 152 (max 204)

Total duration: 7 hr 15 min

Total distance: 75 km

Total ascent: 950 m

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