Splish splash I was takin' a bath....

...was the song stuck in my head for most of my trail run today.  I did not look at the weather befor stealthily exiting the house at 4:30 am.  Loaded up on coffee and oatmeal I was charged and chatty....with no one to chat with except the gas station attendant who obviously had not had enough coffee. 
Noticed the pretty cloud to cloud lightening to the north and a light mist. Thought, "oooh, I might get sprinkled on during my run!".  Since the clouds were to the north I wasnt too concerned...storms here typically track to the northeast, which would be away from me. Figured if anything id miss out.   Uhhhh, not so much!. Another 20 minutes it quickly became evident the storm cell was tracking south and that pretty cloud to cloud stuff was just the leading edge. 
Storms that track south like that are typically pretty severe...and it was! Within minutes I was in the middle of a flash flood. Pulled over and opened my weather phone app. Yep, gonna suck for a while but not looking like a tornado producer. Then todd calls...worried. "Yep honey, im pulled over". At this point im within 20 minutes of Hobbs. Looks like this cell may move on and I may catch a break. I creap along the flooded roads to the state park and sit watching the bright red zone pass over.  Now it just looks like torrentail rain for a while and maaaybe continued lightening. Ive driven 2 and a half hours. We have plans this afternoon. Cant sit here all day. I texted Todd..."i dont know why there's not anyother cars in the parking lot?!". Dont want to drive back without getting my trail run in.....decide since I am no longer in the red zone it must mean its safe for trail runners. So... "go" time! I jumped outta the jeep into the storm and off I went. I was in the forrest, hopeful the lightening..every 10-20 seconds...would stay in the clouds as it had been.  It was torrential! I didnt even have to drink water from my pack, it was running down my face so fast I just had to stick my lower lip out a bit and voila! I laughed and ran. It was a continuous puddle/stream. Some stretches were ankle deep. The dry creek bed was knee deep and fast. Running downhill was crazy! Fast with huge splashes..for the first time ever I tripped on...water.  I actually caught my left toe as I brought my leg up from behind me dragging it through the water which suddenly slowed me and I fell. At least I was already wet. The downpour continued for all but the last 10 minutes of my 2 hour romp.  I did actually see 1 other trail runner...he looked to be having a good time as well. I got to see the park in a way that most are smart enough not to!

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