Some Thoughts on First Run with Vibram's

Well, I finally got my Vibram's and hope to begin the transition from Nike Free's to running in them full time. Had my first run in them yesterday, just an easy 30 min jog to "kick the tires" on them. As I was running I noticed a few things some good, some potentially bad. First the good: They feel awesome to run in and I do mean awesome. I felt like I was gliding instead of running. Running in them feels much better than running in Nike Free's. I made sure my pace was very slow and steady so I could see how my legs felt today and they felt great, no soreness at all. Might put them on for today's workout (taking my Nike Free's along just in case) to see how my legs hold up and take a day off if they are too sore. Now for the potentially bad: Given how good it feels to run in them I understand how you can overdo it. I continually found myself picking up the pace unintentionally and having to dial it back. That tells me that you have to conciously think about your pace when first using the Vibram's so you don't overdo it. Other than that, the only question I have is: How should I begin to transition full time into the Vibram's? More of a question for Eric, but any suggestions are welcome. Now that I have run in them I am asking myself why I didn't do it sooner?

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