On my way to our next race, World's Highest Hill 5 miler, no I am not driving and blogging!. I won't be running this one though. I won't be running for a few weeks. This is normally the time of year I take a little "running siesta", but a visit to the doctor this week dictated a little sooner than expected break. I experienced some, well actually a lot of blood in my urine after the past couple of races. This may be where you want to stop reading. I've debated blogging about this, since it sorta is, but isn't about running. This has just been my safe place to write and share my thoughts, and since most of my thoughts involve running, it's been applicable. I also think that maybe other runners have or will experience something similar and my blogging might be useful.
So, I go see Dr. Miller this past Wednesday. "How's it going?" "Well doc, not so good, I have blood in my urine again". You see I experienced this once before, about 10 months ago after a race. I paid due diligence and promptly had a CT scan and saw the urologist, Dr. Miller. He pointed out a tiny stone in my kidney and together we decided that was the likely cause. He cautioned me to come back if I had any further bleeding as my urine was clear when I followed up with him. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I raced a fast 50k, high intensity effort. Go to the lady's room after the finish and wow! Bright bloody urine. This resolved within a couple days, but gave the urologist's office a call. Did some urine studies, no infection or other abnormalities. Then last Saturday I ran the Tulsa Run 15k. Again, high intensity run. Again, bright red bloody urine. This time I showed Todd, was I just imagining this? His concerned look let me know I was not imagining the bright red blood. By the time I see Dr. Miller just a few days later, my urine is clear. He confirms this with a urinalysis. He looks at me and says, "we need to scope you". "Yah, I know" I say. What came next I did not expect...."My nurse will be in in just just a minute to get you ready". Uhhhhh....now? ....right now?....right here?....All that came out was a raspy high pitched "ok?". His nurse comes in, no small talk, just "Are you allergic to cipro?", she asks as she hands me the antibiotic and a small blue cup with clear liquid in it. "No" i say. She plops the pill in my hand and hands me the cup. "I don't suppose that's tequila?" "Ha, no" is all I get. I then ask, "well where is the Valium then, cuz I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic to that either". Just a look, a look like.."you are not funny lady". she points to the thin square of paper and says, "bottoms off and you can cover with that and I'll be back in". I just haaaaad to push one more button, "No small talk first? Shouldn't we get to know each other a little better?". Ah ha! A smile, I got a smile. She then says, pointing to the scope machine with a very long large black tube and says, "well honey, haven't you ever been catheterized?" ..."Yeah, when I was in labor...and slightly distracted by the contractions". She smiles again. And says, "we are using a really small size". I told her, "i bet you say that to everyone". She smiles again and in Walks Dr. Miller. So the procedure was only mildly uncomfortable. But, he says, "you have 2 spots on your bladder that are not normal". ..."oookkkk" I say. "They don't look like traditional bladder cancer, but.. " he mentioned other possibilities, irritation, ulcerations. So, plan is antibiotics, lay low and put my under anesthesia in 2 weeks and biopsy if these lesions are still there. The hope is that they are inflammation only and will resolve with the antibiotics and physical rest.
So here we are, just pulled in to the parking lot for World's Highest Hill and it's a beautiful day.

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Comment by Robert Burpee on November 3, 2014 at 6:03pm
Lori my thoughts are with you & my best wishes go out to you.
Comment by Karen Blackert on November 2, 2014 at 12:46pm

Lori, I'll be thinking about you!! 

Comment by Rich Warne on November 1, 2014 at 10:27am
fingers crossed for you x

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