"Running Increases The Risk Of Early Death" - WHAT THE!!

I found this on my home page today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2595067/Jogging-actually-...

The artical above tries to make the case that running can lead to an early death and to me the artical has alot words, a huge headline but says nothing just to get eye balls on their page. I suppose you could run yourself to death in the same way you could eat yourself to death or drink yourself to death or work yourself to death. It's just sensationalist crap which is, in my opinion, dangerous because it might stop someone who is over weight starting to excersise, or move or even, heaven forbid, discover the joys of running. While at the same time it's just more justification for those that are looking for an excuse not to excersise or be active not to.

There has to be a balance people, what we are increasingly seeing is the media using anything at their disposal to attract us to their website, webpage, blog, facebook page and so on, so that they can sell us something. Yes I know news papers have been doing this ever since the printing press was first employed but it use to be your choice to buy the paper or magazine and therefore be exposed to advertising. Today it's not, we are exposed whether we want to or not because the system requires us to pay our bills, book our appointments, seek answers and communicate via the net where all this crap lurks.

And as this artical so clearly demonstrates, sometimes the race for the consumer's dollar puts aside common sense, the broader public interest and the truth.


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