Relationships, I'm Getting To Know Them

Now I know that many of you already know and enbrace this, so please humour me.

It's not that I have been completely oblivious to the relationships between Heart Rate, Fatigue, Form, Foot and Leg Strength, Proformance, Mindset, Muscle Soreness etc but until I read The Cool Impossible and started the 15 Week Foundation Program as described in The Cool Impossible these linkages were not front and centre in my mind. They were there, a shadow, a knowing but not really important, it was the distance you ran and time it took that were front and centre, these were the foundation stones of a good runner, or so I thought. 

Enhancing my new self awareness has been the use of a heart rate monitor, which I have never used before. I had never even considered useing one until I read the TCI and it's been a revelation to me, helping distill the methodology behind Eric's training program's. Using a heart rate monitor has, in real time, allowed me to track how my heart rate and performance is affected and influenced by fatigue, form, mindset, awareness and the like. How the relationships between each of these element's changes when we add in, subtract out or otherwise changing what we do and/or how we do it. (as I know most of you already know) 

This new found awareness has started me really thinking about how everything we do, as Eric describes and explains in TCI, influences and acts upon the other elements within both our running lives and our lives in general. How every piece of the puzzle fits together to make the whole and how the whole is affected and acted upon by each of it's parts and how the sum of our parts is greater than the individual parts. How strength influences form, how form influences fatigue, which influences heart rate, which influences breathing, which influences performance. Then throw in  breathing patterns, nutrition, rest, midset, environment and you have a complex, multy faceted equation that is both complex but so simple all at the same time.

I've come to truely realize that it is a complete circle, with all things acting upon and being acted upon. To me, all these elements working in harmony reflexts the beautiful symmetry that is human movement and reinforces how we are all truely Born To Run.


 P = T.+ N. + R. + M.   or  Performance =  Training + Nutrition + Rest + Mindset

           F. + T.R + N.                                   Fatigue + Training Restrictions + Negitivity


Thank You very much for humouring me.

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Comment by Robert Burpee on March 31, 2014 at 5:03pm

A correction to my blog, I stated "until I read The Cool Impossible and started the 15 Week Foundation Program as described in The Cool Impossible these linkages were not front and centre in my mind." The Strategic Running Foundation Program is of cause 20 weeks, 12 weeks in Phase 1 then 8 weeks in Phase 2, with an optional test week in week 9 of Phase 2.

Comment by Rich Warne on March 28, 2014 at 5:10pm

Robert I've also seen M x A x O = P

Motivation x Ability x Opportunity = Performance

The theory being it's the "Opportunity" that's the key multiplier in the equation, it's about giving somebody the 'space' to perform


Loved your post BTW


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