I "Rocked the Parkway" on April 14th. Just now getting around to posting about the experience.

This was the first time I'd raced a half-marathon so no time goals. I only wanted to finish and not walk. I was aiming for 2:10 and finished in 2:08. Not going to win any races with that pace but mission accomplished!

During my training runs, my left hamstring, periformis and Achilles would act up on occasion. I fully expected that to happen during the race.

Not a peep.

My legs felt amazingly strong. Mentally, I was in it. It was an awesome experience. Hubby even has pics of me in the home stretch, smiling ear to ear. 

Sadly, my feet kind of let me down. The last 3 miles, they were hurting. I know I would have finished faster if this wasn't the case.  My legs were telling me "go go go" but the feet were saying "no no no". 

I know that if I ever want to run an ultra distance, I'm going to have to figure this foot thing out. It really surprised me since I train in minimalist shoes and occasionally barefoot. I've never had foot issues like that on any of my long runs.

I also raced a 5K last Saturday for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge. Took 2nd in my age group and knocked off 7 minutes from last year's time on the same course. Yes, you read that right: 7 freaking minutes. I also got a PR in the process. What a difference a year of consistent training can make, huh?

Last week, I picked up a pair of Merrell Dash Gloves. They are designed for pavement running. Still zero drop but with just a bit of cushion. I'll save the Pace Gloves for the trail. I've done the last 3 runs in them and I'm really pleased.

The test will be May 19th. I've got another half on the calendar and I'm hoping my feet won't fail me now.

Stay tuned!

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Comment by Lori Enlow on May 14, 2012 at 10:03am
Good luck!!
Comment by Dente Poland on May 10, 2012 at 5:31pm

Hi Melinda…very nice race results!!!

I'm with you about the feet, but I think it's for the best (for me).  I've never had my feet wear out on a run until this year (been running for 30+ years).  I've been running in minimalist shoes for years, but have overhauled my running form this year.

It has really popped up on long trail runs (3+ hours) or high mileage training weeks (50+ miles).  I've reverted to mixing in more padded shoes during high impact or mileage periods.

From what I've read the change in form is showing the weakness of my feet.  So, I'm focusing even more now on building strength in my feet.  I won’t go back to the old running form…I feel better than every running these days so my feet are just going to have to get stronger/tougher.


Good luck with yours!!!



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