A rare weekday run in daylight! A treat for sure, but not without a few tricks as well! Packed running clothes this morning planning to try to cut out of work early and run. My phone weather app said "high today-mid 50's". Uh, it turned out to be one of those "upside down" days we get when a cold front moves in and the "high" is actually around 11am and the temps bottom out from there. I also failed to notice the little wispy wind symbol and the wind speeds of 20-30mph. Wooops! So off I go, in thin Capri tights and a t-shirt...no time to run home and change to warmer garb...just get outta work and go! After 10 minutes of "it's not that bad...it's not that bad...I finally generated enough core heat to loosen up. Kept having to feel to see if my cheapy ear buds (which are always annoyingly noticeable) were actually in my ears, I could no longer feel them and kept thinking they had fallen out...I also couldn't hear the music because of the wind. When I reached my fingers up to find them I still couldn't tell if the damn things were in my ears, my fingers were too numb. I had to laugh out loud. It was rather funny. Whaddo ya do? Keep runnin'! Then down the twisty hill where the not quite six-pack of dogs always await me. 2 years they have never actually attacked me, but they sure do scare the heck outta me and give me a good run for my money! They seem to respond nicely to a deep momma bear roar and a slew of rocks. Me thinking..."when will they ever learn to leave me alone"...,them thinking "when will that dumb broad ever learn not to tread on our territory". Since this run is an out n' back, we do the same song and dance, them with the same vicious tearing after me chase...me with rocks trying to look big and yelling as I pass. Back up the twisty hill and around the bend back to starting point. It felt great! Battered around by the cold wind, running almost uncontrollably down rocky hills like a child and trudging back up...feeling a little more my age. Pure joy.

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