Three - four weeks ago I  bought a new pair of NB 1090-V4 which have an 8mm drop and ever since then I have been running without any orthotics at all. Before then, I have for some time, not used orthotics in my day to day shoes but in my runners which were NB 1080-V3, I was still wearing them.

Since early April when I received my B2R Trail shoes I have been slowly transitioning into them while still using the NB 1080 with my orthotics. Most weeks I run at least 1 session if not 2 in my B2R trail shoes while doing the slant board exercises to strengthen my feet.

However now I do not wear any orthotics at all other than in my work boots and I would never have believed you if you would have told me before discovering TCI that in a little under a year this would be the case.

My feet do get sore after my runs, I'm following Eric's marathon program, but it does not last and by the next day generally my feet are fine. Sometimes they are still a little sore when I set out on a training session but they soon settle down once warmed up.

As part of the marathon program, once a week I run barefoot for 30-40 min which I really enjoy, when I'm away and I have no where to run the sessions barefoot I run in my B2R's with no socks.

I had set myself a goal to run the Melbourne Marathon on the 12th of October in the B2R's but I don't think Ill be quite ready. The transition may be slower that others but I'm well and truly on my way to running orthotic less using the B2R Trail shoes full time.

And this is something I could not have imagined before discovering Eric and The Cool Impossible.


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