Pre Race Tips that I"ve learned from Eric

Race season is beginning or has begun for a lot of us.  I am 1 week out from my first endurance race of the year- IM St. George.  I like to use this time to prepare mentally for the race, especially now that I am beginning to tapper.  I would like to share a few tips from Eric.

1st- Trust your training.
        You have trained hard, so relax and trust all that you have done.

2nd- Visualization
        This is the time I start to  visualize my race.  Even if you have never seen the course, you can visualize              yourself racing strong.  Eric says there are no rules to
         visualization.  Focus on the things you know will be a challenge and make it "right" in what you see.
         For example, I visualize getting my googles knocked off, changing a tire while people speed past me,              and fueling late in the race when I am sore and tired and
         just want to be finished.

Lastly- Keep positive
         If it helps, develop a Mantra for the race, and eliminate negative talk.
         It is natural to feel nervous.  Eric believes it is necessary.  He tells me that it is because the race means            something and it leaves a question mark in my head about
         how I will do.  It makes me aware.  Embrace this nervous energy- and enjoy the moment.


         ****If anybody has any other tips, please share them******

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