On Thursday my family and I flew to Adelaide, spending Easter with my sister's and their families and as always the first thing I packed was my running gear. The weather in Adelaide was fantastic, warm and sunny, so it was great to be outside let alone be outside and running on such beautiful days.

On the Thursday before Easter and Good Friday I completed day's 4 and 5 of Phase 1, Week 6 on grass at a park not far from the beach 5 or 6 km from my sisters place. While there on Thursday doing my warm up and sprint work I had 3 people come over and ask about these strange Blue shoes I was wearing. Two of the enquires were general and when I started to briefly explain how they worked, where they could be purchased and about TCI, their eye's glazed over. However the third person put the name of the book and the web address of TCI in her phone. Then on Friday we had dinner with the whole family and my other sister who has had great trouble with the feet and legs was very interested in the foot strength excercises in TCI, so you never know I may have spread the word a little further.

On Sunday, mid morning, I did my long run for the week, trying to keep my HR in HRZ.2 as per the Startegic Running Foundation, completing 20.6 km in 2:01.23 with my average HR for the run being 142 BPM. Looking at the data afrerwards my HR spiked for the first km or so then settled down into HRZ.2b for most of the run. Though it did creap up into the lower end of HRZ.3 every now and then through out most of the run. My zone 2, based on my tests, is 131 to 140 BPM and zone 3 is 141 to145 BPM.

My B2R's were left in the bag for this run and I ran in my New Balance 1080-V2's so as to continue the slow transition to full time running in my B2R Trail shoes.

I ran a mostly flat course that followed a bike path to the beach then along the beach front for about 5 km. There was a couple of small hills evenly spread through out the run but nothing that was too taxing. It was warm being about 25 deg C, there was almost no wind and when I ran along side the ocean it was like glass. Once I left the beach I ran along the perimeter of a golf course before hitting quiet suburban streets for much of the run. For the final part of the run I ran along the footpath of a main Rd but given it was Easter Sunday it too was relatively quiet.

The pleasing thing about the run was that though my legs were tired before I started, I had no trouble at all running. I listened to my ipod but remained aware, concentrating on form and cadence with my legs seemingly not deteriorating to any great extent over the run like they once would have.

Then after my CD, protein shake and shower my legs felt a little more fatigued than they did before the run but nothing like they have in the past. I have in the past, many times, given a similar work load to the past few weeks, had my hamstrings cramp up once I had cooled down, showered and/or sat down. I use to dread sitting down and I would be on edge knowing I was going to cramp, and if I did cramp I'd almost be in tears with the pain. But thanks to Eric and TCI I feel those days are well and truely behind me now.


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