Welp, next training phase has begun for Leadville. More early mornings, longer runs, focus is now on distance speed endurance. I can run long distances...but maintaining endurance and speed as the miles...and miles..and miles pile up is where work is needed. So 4:30 am alarm today to head to Turkey Mt.  Ohhhhhh sooooo sleepy and NOT wanting to get up!  Slip out of the house without waking children.  Laarge coffee and food and off I go.  Sleepy eyed-sleepy head until....like magic!...good ole coffee comes through!  Got to mcdonalds on the
Muskogee turnpike and blammo!  Lori's AWAKE!  Thank goodness.  So...driving and pondering having to run solo today.  Really want company..often Todd is with me on my long runs. We never run together, but we start and finish together.  Hmmmm....think maybe I can hit up some other runners. So I send a FB message out.  There were a few other trail runners out and about on this fine morning...got to meet up with a few and log some miles with a couple speedsters.  They took it easy on me (thankfully!!) as we played on the trails.  Even spotted a couple of deer! It was a good run. Chatted a bit after as we stretched.  Good to see Ken TZ/ trail zombie Childers as well!  I welcome this next phase! Look out Leadville, Lori's coming out to play!

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Comment by Lori Enlow on May 7, 2013 at 6:55am
Thanks Ben! Learn from all you see. I see so much when I run and I learn the most about myslef, others, nature and humanity when I run. It's like a magical thing happes-all of my senses become heightened. ....but I struggle with times, paces, splits, competition...ahhh that just goes with it and is part of who I am, learning to let that be ok too, just trying to keep perspective and find humor in my own struggles.
Comment by Ben Brewer on May 7, 2013 at 4:04am

I really like that when you read blog posts, you can really see what sticks out most in other runners' minds about their running - Lori I like that you don't often write about times, splits or pace; more about feeling and attitudes towards what you're doing. Makes me feel like I'm on the right path!

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