New member here.  Two years ago I started running.  I was one of those who thought it was a waste of time and body use.  I am almost 50 and for years I was a league volleyball and softball player.  For the past 15years my job (evening/night shift) pretty much canceled those two activities out so I have not been all that physically active.  As a result I weighed more than ever.  I felt lethargic.  I began to have the urgency that I need to do something to get myself in shape so I started doing things like P90X and Body Pump.  These things helped but then I decided I wanted to do a 5K run through our local zoo, as a challenge for something I had never done.  I discovered that running was awesome!  I have since done more 5Ks and one sprint triathlon.  My desire is to do things the right way and am glad someone introduced me Eric Orton and the Cool Impossible.  I'm actually just finishing the book and am excited to begin training and running the right way.

One quick question.  My average mile time is 10 minutes.  Is it reasonable I can get to 7.5-8 minute times?   

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Comment by Lori Enlow on October 25, 2013 at 11:49am
I can really identify with you daniel. 3 years ago I was heavier and with diabetes. My pace was about where yours is now. I think you will love where you are headed! Enjoy and keep us posted!
Comment by Eric Orton on October 25, 2013 at 11:06am

Hey Daniel - thanks for sharing the great post.  As you get into the structure program from The Cool Impossible, I think you will start to see how potent this program is and how quickly you will improve.  So YES, I think those time goals are very realistic and once you get into it, send us your cool impossible!!

Congrats on your running and keep inspiring others!

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