My Five Year Old's First 5K/A Running Family

Several months ago I posted about whether my nine year old was ready to run.  I'm proud to say she completed her first timed 5K in September.

I'm also very proud to say my five year old completed his first 5K at Thanksgiving.  Did he run without stopping?  Nope.  Has he mastered his running form?  Nope.  And it doesn't matter at all. Man, he ran.  Ran the whole thing and worked really hard.  He was unstoppable.  Actually I did insist that we walk 25 yards in the middle and we stopped at one point to work out a cramp in his leg.  (Which meant I picked him up and ran about 30 yards with him in my arms to catch up with the rest of family - good training).

Unfortunately, at the end of it all, I had to explain to him that the finisher medals for the "Kid's Fun Run" were for kids who just ran around the block and not for those completing a full 3.2 miles.  He understood and even understood the irony, I think.

Running has become a great family activity.  Witness the wife and kids. :)

I've doted so much on the son at this point 'cause he's five and he just ran 5K and partially 'cause the daughter's awesomeness at running is so obvious.  She was also very patient with her little brother and his smaller legs, despite running considerably slower than she would have liked.

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Comment by Erich Timkar on December 23, 2011 at 9:51am

Yep, we've probably passed on the (very narrow) stairs to the second or third floor!

Comment by Melinda on December 20, 2011 at 7:10am

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Small world. I live in Lawrence. Do your kids go to Century? Mine does and your wife looks familiar. My son is also a runner. A good local race for kiddos is the Dr. Bob Run. Beautiful outdoor course. 

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