My 'Cool Impossible' journey towards Transgrancanaria 2015 - Pt. 0

Preliminary tests:

5 km:

Max bpm: 200

Avr. bpm: 190

1 mile:

Time: 5:51

My Movescount


1 year ago, on the 7th of September 2013 I ran my first ultramarathon here in Denmark. It was "only" 54 km long, and with a positive altitude gain of 1,300 m. I finished, but was more dead than alive when I crossed the finish line. Even though it was a mixed experience, I got hooked on trail-running, and I have been racing a number of competitions since that time. 

I have a flair for running, and got a lot of speed in my legs - this is part genetic, and part due to a very active childhood. Now I am 27, and I want to take a step up to the next level with my running. Since I am extremely competitive, my main motivation is winning races. Luckily I also enjoy training for these ;-)


2014 has been a very good season for me, with a 4th place (250 starting teams) finish in a 24 hour race in Norway, a 6th place (50 starting teams) in a two-day orieentering race in Denmark and 4th place (50 starters) in a 36 km trail race in Denmark this Saturday. 

The Cool Impossible:

My main motivation and goal for the first part of 2015 is the well-known ultra race 'Transgrancanaria' on the Island with the same name in March. I will run one of the shorter distances (44 km) with a positive altitude gain of 1,300 hm. My goal is to finish the race in sub-4 hours. As I like following recipies, I will try out the training program from 'The Cool Impossible' to achieve my goal, starting at week 1. 

This Friday and Sunday I will run the two tests, and subsequently I'll start the program. Hopefully, I will update this blog along with my progress. It is solely a way for me to evaluate and control my training, but if it could inspire others it would be great ;) Feel free to comment along the way, and fire loose if you have questions!

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Comment by Eivind Hegnar on September 11, 2014 at 2:35am

Thank you Lori! What is the secret behind your ultrarunning success? (Have been reading your blog-posts) I am still better at the short distances, but I like the psychological factors that plays a major part when running ultras. Ran a short and fast 9,3 km trail-race yesterday, and it was quite fun as well ;)

Comment by Lori Enlow on September 6, 2014 at 5:43pm
Best wishes on your training and racing! Very cool to hear others racing some ultras that appeal to me! Will get to live vicariously! Keep us posted on your training and blog your experience, you will definitely inspire yourself and others!


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