Where to begin? Qualified for Boston 2012 and 2013 during two marathons in 2011. Then in December 2011 I contracted kidney disease. After 5 months of bed rest and 14 months of immune suppression meds I'm almost back to normal. I couldn't run Boston in 2012 as the fatigue was to much to overcome. I was back in training for 2013, but a month before the race I suffered a blood clot in my lung. My Doc ordered me to stop running. We went to Boston to watch the marathon, and the unthinkable happened. Boston was a great weekend and something bad happened. If I had run in 2013 I would probably not have finished it, due to the course closure. Running on immune suppression meds slowed me down by 3 min per mile.
I'm off all meds now with the exception of the blood thinners, and I'm feeling stronger with each run.
My Cool Impossible is to qualify for Boston in 2014 and to run Boston in 2015. Here's where the Cool Impossible comes into play. My Goal time is 2:50 which is 11 minutes slower than my PB from 1984. I'm 55 now. You do the math to figure my age then. In 2011 I ran 3:11 and 3:01. My original goal prior to getting sick was just to break 3 hrs in Boston. Then I read Born to Run (twice) and The Cool Impossible. On my second reading now and have started Eric's workouts. Please help keep me on track. Thanks, David.

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Comment by Bobby on September 12, 2013 at 12:39pm
Thanks. I know what you mean. My wife takes 7 mg / day but has to be checked monthly. I think my new C.I. is to turn my wife into a runner. Shes 34. That will be so great but also scary.
Comment by David Ranta on September 12, 2013 at 12:11pm
Bobby, thanks for your kind words. I'm taking Rivaroxaban 20mg /day. Its a newer blood thinner that I don't need any further lab tests. But as long as I have kidney disease, I will be on blood thinners.
Keep strong for your wife, having a great support group of family and friends has helped me.
Comment by Bobby on September 12, 2013 at 11:51am
Wow. I admire your perserverence. Just curious, how many mg of Coumadin do you take? because my wife has a blood disorder. She's had blood clots all over. ( lungs, heart etc.) She had Sepsis in 09' then had heart surgery.

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