Alright boys and girls, here it is…..My 2014 Cool Impossible…

1. “5” as the first number in my 1 mile test….AND

2. Top 10 femal finish at Cayuga 50 mile USATF championships in June...AND

3. IF I am in the 6% that gets selected from the Western States Lottery, a top 5 age division finish, AND

4. Speedgoat finish-(not sure yet what I want that one to look like), AND

5. Tor Des Geants finish top 10 female if I get in, if not ..Tahoe 200 with a top 5 female finish.

Lori’s Grand Damn Slam! Ha!

How the hell did I come up with that?  And what the hell makes me think that it might even be possible? Some ego she’s got eh? Nope. The exact opposite will have to be true.. It will ONLY be possible if I lose the ego. I don’t exactly understand that concept myself... yet, but I’m gonna have to learn it this year. “let go of what you THINK you can do and grab hold of what you WANT to do”... I told Karen Blackert that as I read her thoughts considering her own cool impossible. I could hear myself in her writing thinking the same thoughts, following the same path.  The safe road when trying to formulate my cool impossible, “what’s the next step based on my performance last year?”, “What is the natural progression?”, “What SHOULD my next cool impossible be?”. and my response to her, I only realized today is my response to myself….let loose of what you THINK you can do and grab hold of what you WANT to do.  

Stand on that weaving 12 inch podium...remember the one Lori?  The one that’s 50 feet up? The one you climbed when you were 15 at summer camp, that one...swaying, you felt nauseated and scared. The tree tops rustling, you thought they were laughing at you, asking you what you thought you were doing up there with them. Your knuckles white as you grasped the clips and ropes tied to your waist...the ropes laughing at your fear. The trapeze just a little too far to reach out and have to JUMP to get it.  You have to let go of the ropes that are securely tied to your waist and jump. You were so caught up in the outcome...GETTING the bar. You didn’t want to jump because you didn’t KNOW if you could GET the bar. you jumped, but you never let go of the ropes to reach. Lori, you can’t know the outcome, but grab the bar or fall….it doesn’t matter, either way you will land safely. It’s all about what you do between the platform and the bar… so let go and jump!

Make shit happen ;)

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Comment by Laurie Moore on December 6, 2013 at 11:11am

I'm adopting your line:  “let go of what you THINK you can do and grab hold of what you WANT to do”.  Wow - that is a real motivator for me, Lori.  

Comment by Eric Welsh on December 6, 2013 at 8:53am

Lori, well said as always! I really like the part about separating yourself from the ego. The last couple of weeks have brought with them a lot of thought of where do I go from here and if getting there is going to make me resent what I love to do. Reading things like this help keep things in perspective. Thank you!

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