Long Run Hill Workout (100 Mile Plan)

I'm a little confused on how to do the hill workout mentioned on week 8 of your 100 mile plan. It says, MS1: 4 X 8 min. hill climbs in high zone 4 with 2-3 min. RI.
Am I supposed to have a hill tall enough where I can run for 8 minutes up it, or do I go up and down a hill and do this for 8 minutes?

I also want to add that I thoroughly am enjoying your 100 mile plan. It's structured in a great way and all the workouts I feel have a very specific purpose, and no wasted time. I feel everything I'm doing is going toward great benefits and my next race will be my most successful one thanks to this plan.

If anyone else is training with Eric's 100 mile plan, I'd love to hear how your workouts are going and maybe I can get some pointers from you.

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Comment by Eric Orton on June 17, 2009 at 9:43pm
Hey Thomas - Glad to hear you are cranking it up in week 8!! To answer your 4 X 8' question. If you do not have a hill that is long enough to continue doing 8 minute repeats with the 2-3 min RI, then it would be best to increase the RI by running all the way back down to the start, so you can continue to get a non-stop 8 min interval in. With a zone 4 effort, you shouldn't need a lot of rest, so you could actually run easy back down which might only take you 4-5 min as a descent.
If you do not have a hill long enough for 8 min, still get in the 8 min interval but use the approach to the hill as part of your time. For example: if your hill takes you 4 min to climb in Zone 4, run 4 min on the flats before the hill and continue up the hill for the remaining 4 min. The length of the interval is important.

Hope that helps - E

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