When I was 15 I went to summer camp.  We had a ropes course.  I climbed a 50 foot pole with a 12" platform.  It swayed in the wind. There was a trapeze, just out of grip reach, just close enough to touch with my fingers. I would have to unclench my grip on the ropes that were clipped to my waist and reach out and jump. jump..not knowing what the outcome would be.  I focused so hard on how to grab that bar...on the outcome. On how to make it happen. I was afraid. I finally jumped...and immediately grabbed the ropes clipped to my waist. I gently came down to earth. I was disappointed I didn't get the bar. I can still feel that bar against my finger tips. 25 years  figured it out. The bar isn't what's important. The important part is to jump, to reach out, "without expectation".  To revel in the jumping and the reaching out. The outcome didn't matter...getting the bar or not getting the bar, either way I would have landed safely on the ground. I completely missed the coolest part of the experience...jumping...flying...reaching.

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Comment by Eric Orton on March 30, 2013 at 7:07am

Now that IS the cool impossible. Now reach out for an impossible goal for Boston.

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