Headed to Leadville on Saturday to start 4 days of training for the upcoming Leadville 100 trail run. Figured I'd blog each day out.

Agenda for Sunday was 20 miles of trail heading out from Twin lakes toward Half Pipe Aid stations. 3000 ft of gain. Started out feeling pretty good. Hiked the first 2 mile climb out. Pretty short of breath going up. Descending felt great. We missed the turn we were supposed to take and descended another half mile before realizing our error. Back up the half mile and then more ascending. Beautiful views of the twin lakes a thousand feet below with some low lying clouds and impressively bright double rainbow over the lakes. The ascending brought me right back to San Juan. My breathing was way harder than it should have been, way harder than my pacer. I determined I obviously have some lung defect....maybe my parents heavy smoking, God knows what, but I noticed my low land compadres don't seem to struggle to breathe like I do, which was frustrating...something is wrong with me I would think, I'm just not very tough I would think. Within a brief period of time the nausea kicked in. And it was a slow hard hike. Why the #$%! is my breathing so hard. My pacer who is from Arkansas is chatting as we climb Downhills were fabulous, flats ok, and any incline triggered a breathing pattern similar to a pregnant yak in labor. I'm struggling to breathe. Thinking I have no choice but to acknowledge the situation and just give every moment of uphills  my best(my strongest effort). The downhills I kept relaxed and easy. I worked hard at staying hydrated and taking in calories though I did not want to eat. We went through some amazing aspen groves and caught some amazing views. Monday we ascend hope pass. I will take my camera for sure. Feeling good and hopeful for better ascending tomorrow.


3 am addendum: Not sleeping well, nauseated, resting heart rate 90.

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