Well, months and months of training done. "Hay is in the barn" as coach would say. Race meeting over, drop bags dropped off. Now just eat sleep and run at 4am! I feel much better this year, know the course, know my plan, feel as prepared as I can be. So nice to feel like all I have to do is run. Everything else is programmed in my brain, in my crew's brain...and..well.. written in permanent ink on my forearms ;)

I know there will be issues and surprises to work through, ones maybe I worked through last year, and likely new ones I've never encountered before, but again, a familiar phrase comes to mind..."and this is why we race...". I don't know the outcome if I did, why would I do it in the first place? The unknown. We can embrace it or run away from it. Tomorrow I will embrace it. Am I afraid? You bet! I should be, and that's ok and healthy, it will help me be smart and attentive and focused.

The thing I desire most to get out of this race is to learn and grow. And that's a given, it will happen. I will get to learn and grow in ways that most never know, it will create new depths of character and strength, humility and understanding. The bonds that develop between myself, my crew, and total strangers just simply cannot be explained in words. Thank you to all of them.

Ben Brewer-you are in my thoughts and prayers as well on your journey, I will think of you often on mine. Godspeed to you my friend!

Margot-It was a HUGE  boost to see you today! It was like a good luck charm to catch you. I'm not sure why it made such an impact on me, but just really boosted my confidence and peace. Peace with you and Pam!

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Comment by Ben Brewer on August 17, 2013 at 2:42am

Lori, you're an inspiration as always - run happy and run well and I'll compare stories when we're done :)


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