What a fun trail run! 13.1 miles of rugged hilly single track trail on Tulsa's Turkey Mountain-no it's not a real mountain.  Lots of up, down, twists and turns.  The pic is of the Powerline section. Reminicent of a mini Leadvillle "Powerline"....well....minus the altitude, the cold, the dark, the endless climbing and false summits! My goal was to keep my heart rate in a higher zone than I'm used too.  I was afraid I couldn't hold that HR zone for that long.  I got behind a little 12 year old blonde headed kid and chased him for 9 miles.  I felt like a kid myself, running what felt like fast...down, around curves and down steep hills, just felt like play...well playing hard!  Didn't feel much like a kid on the steep ups, but it seemed like more of the course was downhill or flat which made for a great deal of fun!  I finally passed him after 9 miles and chased after the next dude.  He wasn't nearly as much fun to chase!  The last 2 miles sucked!  I can't remember if I passed him or not. I was trying so hard to maintain the higher HR zone which was extremely difficult at that point.  At the top of the last hill-the picture there was a cooler full of beers.  I had no desire to partake at that point!  I did, however, after the race climb back up that nasty hill and retrieve my beer!  Finished first place female in 2:01.  Quite pleased.  Beer was good too! 

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