4 x 7 min speed intervals today.

Nervous as always before speed work..At first glance the pace looked not too shabby to hold, but then, "what if you can't you hold that pace?" "you held a faster pace with these same intervals last year what if they are too hard, what does that mean about you?", Hello Walter! Of course I didn't recognize those thoughts yet, they were still more feelings squeezing around my chest as I started the first interval. "this does seem harder than you thought it would" and then I recognized it. Hello Walter! And then I thought, "here Walter, you can have those questions, you worry about it...I'm just gonna go for it!" so "just go for it!" became my mantra and I didn't worry about anything else. It didn't matter. The "hard" didn't frighten me, It didn't mean anything. It felt great to just "go for it!"

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Comment by Eric Orton on March 25, 2014 at 10:41am

Cheetah's are fast because their spine flexes.  Human's are fast when their BRAIN flexes.  


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