Hi everyone, is weight training useful for runners?

Love to hear your thoughts

cheers Brendan

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Comment by Brad Gantt on September 28, 2012 at 3:49pm

It depends on what type of weight training you do and what your goals are. Eric has posted elsewhere on this subject but in general, there are better ways to train for running than conventional weight training. Eric's ST program, available on the B2R site is a good example of what works; building proprioception, dynamic strength, elasticity, neuroplasticity, balance and more from the ground-up. This training also happens to maximize your overall athleticism and injury-resistance beyond running. Good luck and happy running. 

Comment by Ben Brewer on September 20, 2012 at 6:53am

Everyone will be able to give you more specific advice here, but the simple answer is - yes. Legs aside (which will always benefit from weight training, since you can target specific muscles pretty easily), training everything upwards will also reap rewards. Strength in your lower core will help to support, stabilise and balance the movement of your legs, while your upper back and torso can start to take a pounding on longer runs, unless you do something to keep them strong. While using your arms for balance and propulsion when running faster may not take too much of a tole on the muscles there right away, the rate at which they fatigue (especially after holding them up for a couple of hours) can be slowed by exercising them too.

As always, I bow to everyone else's expertise here, but that's what I've always thought :)

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